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Deadbolts, Are They Necessary?

02/01/2014 Back To Blog

Locksmith companies have been telling us for years that the best door lock you can have and use is a deadbolt but they are still widely underused. Wherever you live, chances are you probably have a regular knob lock and maybe you also have an additional door lock like a chain or slide lock. Are these enough? In short, no, the reason that locksmith service companies tell consumers to use deadbolts is that these other locks are not enough on their own. These secondary locks are unreliable, and often unsafe. Most locksmith service calls to the home involve some sort of residential lock repair. This is because of the frequency with which they experience issues such as, jammed locks or other minor and common issues.Deadbolts, Are They Necessary?

What Kind of Lock Do You Have?

Besides the everyday performance issues of doorknob locks, issues involving safety are a huge concern for those who use and count on chains and slide locks. These sorts of locks are designed to give you peace of mind but not actual protection and safety. Knobs can be picked, broken, removed and accessed in a variety of ways. Chains cannot withstand heavy pressure and often snap or break with ease. Slide locks suffer the same problems as chains. Deadbolts, however, do not suffer from these weaknesses. They stand up to pressure and most attempts to open them from the outside. Deadbolts are also quick and easy to unlock, adding to their popularity among consumers and locksmiths.

How Can You Switch to a Deadbolt?

It is very simple to upgrade your lock and door. One way is to purchase a lock and a kit, and then install the deadbolt yourself. This means that you either have to purchase a new door with a hole in it or you have to cut a hole in your door yourself to insert the deadbolt into place. This is not very easy to do on your own without any assistance. The easiest way to switch over is to have a professional come to your house and install a deadbolt for you. Locksmith Buena Park among others provides this complete service. It is quick, easy and efficient.

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